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Zhengwei IndustryZHENGWEI INDUSTRY,The professional XLR JACK Manufacture!

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Zhengwei XLR Jack

About Zhengwei

About Zhengwei

The Professional XLR JACK Manufacture!

Zhengwei Electronics Co was established in 1992,owning 13.000sq meters, Zhengwei Electronics Co.Ltd.is a professional factory from developing new products to assembling finished products, which is engaged in manufaturing the electronic components and automobile electric appliances.The main products include: XLR JACK,6.35mm PHONE JACK,,3.5mm PHONE JACK,AV JACK and so on. The products can be widely applied in Audio Mixer,Stage Audio , Audio Device,Effector,,Automobile and different kinds of home electric appliances. which are mainly sold to Europe America ,Brazil and so on.


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TEL:+00852-8228 8005

FAX:+00852-8226 5652


Address:Rm906,Treasure Centre,

42 Hung To Road,Kwun Tong Kln H.K



Why XLR plugs and socket don't match?
Different suppliers supply plug specification is different, some suppliers didn't depend on what the relevant standard production requests, resulting in amismatch.
The XLR pin interface arrangement and how do it connect?
Grounding and shielding Pin2:Audio positive; Pin3:Audio negative


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